Frequently Questions

Who is Finca Luna Serena?

Finca Luna Serena is a grower of olives and producer of olive related products in San Miguel de Allende. They began this business in 2014 and have over 1800 trees of different ages and varieties. They have been associated with my family since 2016 and we visit with them regularly. Their web site is

Why are you selling their products?

Since 2016 we have been using all their products and we like them. We are starting a business to market and sell their products outside of SMA.

Why is their olive oil so special?

There are several grades of olive oil but the best and the purest is Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Other grades are from lower quality olives or are produced using chemicals. Extra Virgin Olive Oil like Finca Luna Serena’s is made from freshly harvested olives that are pressed within 72 hours of picking so that the oleic acid level is below 0.8%.  The oil is extracted by pressing the olive pulp to deliver a juice comprised of oil and water. That juice is separated, keeping the oil. At Finca Luna Serena, the entire process is done by hand.

Why is it expensive?

This is an extra virgin olive oil that is not mass produced and all done by hand. It is incredibly fresh and favored by true olive oil enthusiasts.

How fresh is the oil?

Olives are a 1x per year crop which ripens at different times around the world. In central Mexico, the fruit is ready for harvesting and processing in the fall of each year. The olive oil we have today was processed in the fall of 2019.

Is olive oil good for you?

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the basic ingredient in the healthy Mediterranean diet. Studies have shown that consuming as little as 1 Tablespoon a day can lower cholesterol and improve heart health. Because it is a “healthy” fat (monounsaturated), it is not associated with weight gain. Olive oil is an excellent skin moisturizer with anti-aging properties.

What kind of oils do you have?

We have two naturals (no flavor added) oils. The Arbequina oil is made from an olive by that name which is of Spanish origin. The fruit is small and grows in clusters like grapes. It produces an oil which is a little buttery with a pleasant, strong aroma. It is an excellent all-round oil that can be used for baking, salads, etc.

Our second natural oil is called Reserva Especial and is made from a blend of two olives of Italian origin, Frantoio and Coratina. The Frantoio olive produces a fruity oil with a strong aftertaste while the Coratina produces a robust oil high in healthy polyphenols.

Finca Luna Serena also infuses (flavors) the Arbequina oil with products grown on their farm. We have Yellow Lemon, Basil, Rosemary, Garlic, and Smoked Chile. Infusion is a process using very low heat to warm the oil and encourage release of the flavors in the herbs. The steeped oil is then strained to remove the infusion material to prevent the introduction of bacteria and bottled.

How is the Smoked Chile Oil made?

The process is similar to the infusion described before. The olive oil is put in a baking pan and into a smoker with a base of mesquite charcoal and applewood chips. A small amount of chile de arbol is added during the process to give it an extra kick.

How do I use the infused oils?

Infused oils are great for experimentation and adding a surprise to your food. You can used them in a salad, for dipping bread, on vegetables, on grilled meats (in this case the oil is put on after the meat is grilled, just before serving). Some ideas:

Lemon Oil on vegetables or fish
Basil Oil on tomatoes or in pasta sauce
Rosemary oil on pork chops
Garlic oil on pasta with a little grated cheese

Smoked Chile oil on your morning eggs

Tell me about the lotions

The lotions are made with FLS extra virgin olive oil, organic bees wax and natural fragrances. We have Lavender, Rose, Jazmin, Sandalwood and Unscented. There no chemicals added. It is absorbed quickly into the skin and transforms it to a soft and supple condition. Would you like to try it?

Does the mosquito repellent work?

The repellent is an amazing product in its simplicity and functionality. Yes, it works but is not like any store-bought repellent. It contains no harsh or harmful chemicals so it is safe for children and even pets! It will not last for extended periods, but long enough to enjoy the outdoors without having a chemical on yours skin. It is made with a base of extra virgin olive oil, aloe vera and a eucalyptus scent. You need to shake the bottle well. When you put it on your skin you will instantly feel the soothing effect and moisture of the oil.

What about the balsamic vinegar?

FLS uses balsamic vinegar from Modena Italy. Similar to the infused olive oils, we steep the balsamic vinegar with fruit from the farm such as zarzamora, mandarina, manzana, higo, and Granada.  They are and excellent way to make a plain salad a little fancy or add an unusual twist to ice cream.

Can I visit FLS in SMA?

Yes, they welcome visitors. You can even stay at the farm. Please contact us and we will send you information